CPICodes03-Certified/Classified Personnel Information
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Georgia Department of Education Certificate Type Codes
Oct, 2021 CPI Cycle 2022-1  

Georgia Department of Education
CPI-Certified/Classified Personnel Information
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Certificate Type Code Certificate Type Category Salary Type Currently Issued?
1IM  One-year Induction Montesorri  Professional 
1IT  One-year Induction Teaching  Professional 
1MS  Military Provisional 1 Service  Provisional   
1MT  Military Provisional 1 Teaching  Provisional   
2MS  Military Provisional 2 Service  Provisional   
2MT  Military Provisional 2 Teaching  Provisional   
3IM  Three-year Induction Montesorri  Professional 
3IS  Three-year Induction Service  Professional 
3IT  Three-year Induction Teaching  Professional 
3MS  Military Provisional 3 Service  Provisional   
3MT  Military Provisional 3 Teaching  Provisional   
5IM  Five-year Induction Montesorri  Professional 
5IT  Five-year Induction Teaching  Professional 
APT  Advanced Professional Teaching  Professional 
 AS  Administration & Supervision     
  B  Provisional  Provisional 
 BL  Provisional  Provisional 
BM  Provisional Montesorri  Provisional  
 BS  Provisional  Provisional 
 BT  Provisional  Provisional 
 BV  Provisional  Provisional 
CHW  GaDOE  Professional 
 CL  Conditional  Professional 
 CS  Conditional  Professional 
 CT  Conditional  Professional 
  D  Teacher  Professional 
D#S  Service  Professional 
D$S  Service  Professional 
D$T  Teacher  Professional 
 DA  Life  Professional 
DAS  Life  Professional 
 DD  Life  Professional 
DDE  Director  Professional 
DIS  Instructional  Professional 
 DL  Life  Professional 
DMS  Media  Professional 
 DP  Life-  Professional 
 DS  Life  Professional 
DSC  School  Professional 
DSL  School  Professional 
DSP  School  Professional 
DSW  School  Professional 
 DT  Life  Professional 
DTS  Life  Professional 
DVE  Director  Professional 
DVT  Visiting  Professional 
EBT  Emergency  Provisional 
 EI  Educational Interpreter   
EL  Emergency  Professional 
ENS  Emergency  Provisional 
EPS  Emergency     
EPT  Emergency     
 ES  Emergency  Professional 
 ET  Emergency  Professional 
EX  International  Professional 
  G  Librarian     
 GA  Librarian     
 GB  Librarian Level 5     
I1S  Induction Pathway 1 Service  Professional 
I1T  Induction Pathway 1 Teaching  Professional 
I2S  Induction Pathway 2 Service  Professional 
I2T  Induction Pathway 2 Teaching  Professional 
I3M  Induction Pathway 3 Montesorri  Professional  
I3S  Induction Pathway 3 Service  Professional 
I3T  Induction Pathway 3 Teaching  Professional 
I4M  Induction Pathway 4 Montesorri  Provisional   
I4S  Induction Pathway 4   Provisional 
I4T  Induction Pathway 4 Teaching  Provisional  
  J  Adjunct License  Provisional 
LPT  Lead Professional Teaching  Professional 
M1T  Military Induction Pathway 1 Teaching  Professional 
M2T  Military Induction Pathway 2 Teaching  Professional 
M3T  Military Induction Pathway 3 Teaching  Professional 
M4S  Military Induction Pathway 4 Service  Professional 
M4T  Military Induction Pathway 4 Teaching  Provisional 
MIS  Military Supplemental Induction Service  Professional 
MIT  Military Supplemental Induction Teaching  Professional 
MNL  Military Nonrenewable Leadership   Professional 
MNS  Military Nonrenewable Service  Professional 
MNT  Military Nonrenewable Teaching  Professional 
MRL  Military Standard Professional Leadership  Professional 
MRS  Military Standard Professional Service  Professional 
MRT  Military Standard Professional Teaching  Professional 
 MS  Media Specialist     
N1L  One-year Nonrenewable Leadership  Professional 
N1M  One-year Nonrenewable Montesorri  Professional 
N1S  One-year Nonrenewable Service  Professional 
N1T  One-year Nonrenewable Teaching  Professional 
N3L  Three-year Nonrenewable Leadership  Professional 
N3M  Three-year Nonrenewable Montesorri  Professional 
N3S  Three-year Nonrenewable Service  Professional 
N3T  Three-year Nonrenewable Teaching  Professional 
NCE  Non-Certified     
NEI  Nonrenewable Educational Interpreter   
 NL  Nonrenewable Leadership  Professional/Provisional 
 NP  Nonrenewable Permit  Provisional 
NPL  Leadership  Professional 
 NS  Nonrenewable Service  Professional/Provisional 
 NT  Nonrenewable Teaching  Professional 
  P  Permit  Provisional 
P!T  Performance Based 1 Year     
P2L  Preformance-Based Tier 2 Leadership  Professional 
PAL  Probationary  Professional 
PAS  Probationary  Professional 
PAT  Probationary  Professional 
PRL  Performance-Based Professional Leadership  Professional 
PRM  Performance-Based Professional Montesorri    Professional  
PRS  Performance-Based Professional Service  Professional 
PRT  Performance-Based Professional Teaching  Professional 
 SC  School Counselor     
SIS  Supplemental Induction - Service  Professional 
SIT  Supplemental Induction - Teaching  Professional 
 SP  Support Personnel   
SRL  Standard Professional Leadership  Professional 
SRM  Standard Professional Montesorri   Professional  
SRS  Standard Professional Service  Professional 
SRT  Standard Professional Teaching  Professional 
WBL  Waiver  Provisional 
WBS  Waiver  Provisional 
WBT  Waiver  Provisional 
WBV  Waiver  Provisional 
WCL  Waiver  Professional 
WCS  Waiver  Professional 
WCT  Waiver  Professional 
WEI  Wavier Educational Interpreter   
WEL  Waiver  Professional 
WES  Waiver  Professional 
WET  Waiver  Professional 
WIL  Waiver  Provisional 
WIS  Waiver  Provisional 
WIT  Waiver  Provisional 
 WL  Waiver Leadership  Professional 
WM  Waiver Montesorri     Professional  
WNL  Waiver  Professional 
WNS  Waiver  Professional 
WNT  Waiver  Professional/Provisional 
 WP  Waiver Permit  Provisional 
WPL  Waiver  Professional 
WPS  Waiver  Professional 
WPT  Waiver  Professional 
 WS  Waiver Service  Professional 
 WT  Waiver  Professional 
WXL  Waiver  Professional 
WXS  Waiver  Professional 
WXT  Waiver  Professional 
XBT  Special  Provisional 
 XT  International Exchange Teacher  Professional